Families interested in enrolling children in the centre must complete an application see below for the survey monkey form. The form is filed by date of receipt and area of priority.

Infants, Toddlers & Preschool
Monica Yearwood
Phone: 416.591.0040
Fax: 416.595.9916

Infant Waiting list application:

Toddler Waiting list application:

Preschool Waiting list application:

Preschool/Full Day Kindergarten (FDK)
Indrani Sabessar
Phone: 416.598.3412
Fax: 416.598.3625

Preschool Waiting list application:

Kindergarten Waiting list application:

School Age and Ten Plus
Gary Duncan
Phone: 416.598.3412
Fax: 416.598.3625

School age and Ten Plus waiting list application:


A vacancy occurs when a child leaves or is asked to leave the centre. Families are required to notify the Site or Assistant Supervisor at least four weeks before the final date of a child’s attendance at the centre. Once notification of a vacancy is received, the Site or Assistant Supervisor contacts the next family on the waiting list according to the procedures under “Priority of Admission.” This family is then required to indicate acceptance of a space or remain on the waiting list.

online tours

Currently due to COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to provide a tour of our facility.

Please see the links below for the Satellite and Orde site tour and reopening video.

Satellite site Tour video

Reopening Video Satellite Site


Reopening Video for Orde Site