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Update August 14, 2020

August 14th, 2020

Dear Families;
We just received the Guidance Document for Childcare Centres and Before
and After School Programs from the Ministry of Education which outlines the
new requirements set out for September 1, 2020. We have also been in
communication with the both Orde and Contact Alternative schools regarding
their reopening plans and how these will affect our programs come
September. Due the release of this new information and discussions we were
unable to contact you regarding September enrollment. Once we digest and
understand how to work with each school for our reopening phase in
September we will contact you.
We do want to notify all families who are enrolled *at Orde Daycare* that
if you require care as of August 24, 2020 for the full day preschool,
kindergarten and school age programs we will be opening up enrollment for a
limited number of children in each program. Please contact us by August 17,
2020 if you are interested in enrolling for these programs. We will be
giving priority based on the Readmission of Childcare Policy and Procedure.
We want to thank you for continued patience. We have many stakeholders and
governing bodies to engage with to ensure we are all work together to ensure
a safe return for your child.

Update August 11, 2020

August 11th, 2020

Dear Families
We reopened yesterday at the Orde Site to a small number of children whose families indicated that they were essential workers or were not able to work from home. It was great to see them laughing and playing with their friends after so many months. We will try to spend as much time outside as we can over the next few weeks to reduce any possible exposure for your child and remind children to physically distance as much as possible.
As we prepare for the weeks ahead, we will be contacting you in the next two weeks, if we have not already to confirm if you are still interested in a space for your child in September or late August.
For our preschool program Indra will be contacting you through email you to see if you would like to begin on August 24, 2020 or September 8, 2020.
For our kindergarten and school age programs we are still awaiting details for our before and after school childcare in September. The province indicated that kindergarten and school age programs could run at full ratios, but as each of our child care rooms combine children from different classrooms/cohorts, we are concerned about this increased exposure for your child and our staff. Therefore, we are awaiting further direction from the Province and Toronto Public Health.
Gary and Indra will be contacting you by email to see if you are still interested in a space for late August or early September to see how many children are returning. This will allow us to begin planning our enrollment and room placement. Spaces will be made available based on the priority set out in our Readmission Policy and Procedure.
We will not be enrolling any new children into programs until we hear back from you, therefore we ask that you respond promptly to their email.
The Satellite site is still under construction with a roof replacement. We are currently waiting to hear from the construction manager if our reopening date of August 31, 2020 will go forward as planned. Once I receive confirmation of this date, I will provide a further update to the Satellite parents.

Thank you and stay well;

Anna Gionet
Executive Director
Orde Day Care Centre