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Update on reopening plans

June 24th, 2020

Friday, June 19, 2020
Dear Families of Orde Day Care;
Thank you for your patience while our Board of Directors and Management team continue to navigate through these unprecedented times.
Our Board of Directors met on Wednesday, June 17, 2020 and reviewed the requirements that Orde Day Care must incorporate into our programs prior to reopening and on a going forward basis.
The information conveyed in this letter is based on the information the Board and Management team had at that time, and may be subject to change due to the ever-evolving directives from our municipal and provincial partners.
The centre must:
a) first and foremost, feel confident and secure in providing quality care to our children while mitigating the health and safety risks to our children, families and staff members
b) develop a number of new policies and directives, based on a guidance document which was just released on Tuesday, June 16, 2020.
c) train staff, with yet to be released training modules from the Toronto Public Health
d) complete a risk assessment of the program, which we still cannot undertake due to restrictions from the Toronto District School Board while they develop protocols for childcare centres located in schools
e) greatly reduce the number of children in a classroom with the staff to a total of 10 individuals per room, where there have been typically 16- 30 children dependent on the age of child
f) redesign our programs and activities to encourage social distancing without having a negative impact on the emotional well being of our children
g) increase our expenses with the purchase of personal protective equipment for the staff
h) increase our already stringent cleaning and disinfecting procedures
i) develop an equitable system to offer the limited spaces that we will have available
j) redeploy staff to work in programs in a way that respects their collective agreement and employment rights
k) relocate the Satellite site program due to a roof and air handling replacement which makes the building uninhabitable for the children and staff during the renovation
l) ensure the continued financial viability of the centres during and after the pandemic
All of these initiatives are to be completed without full details from the Province regarding funding to support childcare during this closure and reopening, along with the centre’s commitment to keep parent fees at their pre closure rates.
Given the extent of the challenges the Centre must face, the following decisions were made
1. Orde Satellite has been deemed unavailable for occupancy until the roof renovation and the replacement of the air handling units are completed. This work was originally scheduled to begin at the end of June and continue until the last week of August. Given that the school has been vacant, work began last week. We hope that we will be able to reopen at this location before the end of August. At the time of writing this letter a suitable relocation site for this group had not been secured to provide an earlier opening, as it must meet the diverse and unique requirements for our youngest children. We understand the hardship this causes for our children and their families, but we have many concerns relocating the children to an unfamiliar environment, that is not designed for them nor properly equipped, especially during a time when new requirements and restrictions are in place due to the pandemic. We will however continue to review our options and keep you apprised of the situation.

2. The Orde Site will look to reopen first for essential/front line workers for preschool, kindergarten and school aged children in the coming months. We have provided a link at the end of this letter for families to identify if they are an essential/front line worker (i.e. emergency services, grocery/pharmacy, childcare employee), or if they need care because their employment cannot be carried out at their home
Please complete this very brief survey below to ensure that we are prioritizing our emergency care to our front line/essential workers/families. If you are able to work from home for the remainder of the summer, we ask that you do not complete this survey.

3. We will work toward a reopening when the TDSB has once again permitted us access to the space and the Centre has passed our regulatory inspections and staff training that is required by our licensing and regulatory bodies.
4. We estimate that this reopening will be anywhere from mid July to end of August.
5. A lottery system will be used if the need for care exceeds our current capacity for rooms for both essential/front line workers and then those for individuals who cannot work from home. Details of this will follow.
6. We will run at reduced hours of operation to ensure strict health screening, cleaning and disinfecting can be completed to mitigate the risk to your child, family and our staff.
The hours of operation will be from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Parents will not be allowed into the centre to drop off and pick up their child. Details regarding our drop off and pick up procedures will be communicated to those families who secure a space.
7. We will stagger the opening of classrooms, with 1-2 classes being available upon reopening, and gradually increase this number as we move forward with a maximum of 6-7 classrooms.
8. Families that are not comfortable returning or we were unable to provide you a space due to our reduced capacity will be contacted once the we can increase our enrolment. We must wait for further direction from our licensing bodies before any changes to the enrollment can occur.

We hope you understand the difficult and complex decisions that were made on behalf of the parents/families of Orde Day Care. These decisions were not made lightly and took into consideration the health and well being of the children, families and staff during the very unusual and uncertain time.
If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the Executive Director for further information.


Sole Fernandez
Chair, Orde Day Care Board of Directors

Assistance with Reopening

June 12th, 2020

Dear Families
We appreciate your patience while we work toward reopening.
We will have firmer details regarding our plans next week. One of the obstacles many child care centres face in the delay of reopening is the lack of funding and support we have received from the Province. We want to ensure that when we reopen we have meet the extensive new health and safety requirements while still ensuring a quality program for your child and the continued financial viability of our centres.
If you could take a minute to add your name to this petition it would be very helpful.


Thank you for your time

Orde Day Care will not reopeon on June 12, 2020

June 9th, 2020

Ontario Helping Parents Return to Work

Province Reopening Child Care with Strict Protocols to Keep Kids and Staff Safe

June 9, 2020 1:00 P.M.
Office of the Premier <>
TORONTO — Today, the Ontario government announced its plan to reopen child care centres across the province to support the next stage of the province’s reopening framework. Developed in consultation with Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health and medical leaders at The Hospital for Sick Children, the plan will require child care operators to follow strict health protocols to ensure the safety of child care staff and children.

Details of the plan were provided today by Premier Doug Ford, Christine Elliott, Deputy Premier and Minister of Health, and Stephen Lecce, Minister of Education.

“As we prepare to reopen more businesses and services, it is critical that we ensure supports are in place so people can return to work knowing their children will be cared for in a safe and healthy environment,” said Premier Ford. “Our child care plan sets out strict protocols that must be followed to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have made great progress to contain the virus, but we must be mindful that there is still a public health risk.”

As the province continues to implement its Framework for Reopening the Province, child care centres and home care providers across Ontario will be able to reopen with strict safety and operational requirements in place, similar to the safety guidelines required for emergency child care centres. Centres will be required to adopt specific rules, including:

Cohorting ― putting children and staff in groups of 10 or less day over day;
COVID-19 response plan ― all child care settings will be required to have a plan in place if a child, parent or staff member/provider is exposed to COVID-19;
Screening ― all staff and children must be screened prior to entry to the child care setting. Anyone feeling unwell must stay home;
Daily attendance records ― child care settings must keep daily records of all attendees in order to support contact tracing;
Cleaning ― child care settings must be thoroughly cleaned before opening and frequently thereafter;
No visitors ― only essential visitors are permitted entry into the child care setting;
Implementing drop-off and pick-up protocols in a way that facilitates physical distancing.
Effectively immediately, staff can re-enter child care facilities and begin preparation for reopening. When these operators have met all the strict and stringent guidelines for reopening, they will be permitted to reopen.

Orde Day Care Board of Directors and staff will need to review information and directives from the province and Toronto Children’s Services to plan and prepare accordingly for the reopening of our centres.

We therefore will not be reopening the centres on June 12, 2020.

We will need families to support our preparation by watching for updates and answering any questions or follow up surveys that will support our planning to re-open. We will follow up with further communication in the coming days.

We ask for your patience and cooperation as this will take some time to carefully review the new protocols, prepare our classrooms, purchase health and safety supplies, provide staff training and confirm funding supports for reduced ratios.

Thank you and take care,

Reopening of Childcare- Phase two

May 20th, 2020

Dear Families of Orde Day Care;

I hope all of you are staying healthy and well over the last few weeks. Although the daycare correspondence has been limited please know that the staff are very much missing spending their days with your children. We anxiously await the day when we can see each other again.

I wanted to take the time today to provide an update on the current information released yesterday regarding schools and childcare by the Premier of Ontario, Doug Ford and the Minister of Education, Stephen Lecce.

The following was announced:

Schools would not be reopened for the rest of the school year.

Child care centres are still under emergency orders until May 29, 2020.

Child care is slated to resume operations in the second phase of the reopening plan.

It is my understanding that the second phase would take place 2-4 weeks after the first phase and would be dependent on the recommendation of public health officials based on current trends in Covid-19 cases. Childcare centres would have to demonstrate precautions for children and staff are in place prior to reopening.

While we all eagerly await the return to normal operations, give the information we have recently received from our licensing and regulatory bodies based on the emergency child care operations currently available; we for see our child care operation to be significantly altered when we reopen. We anticipate changes in drop off and pick up procedures, the reduction in the number of children we can accommodate, the implementation of a more involved health screening for children, families and staff, a possible reduction of operational hours or days, and smaller group sizes and staffing arrangements.

Therefore, once the guidelines are made public and we have a more concrete outline of what is required to operate under these conditions, we will provide you an update.

In the mean time we will be revising our parent handbooks and policies to reflect these new procedure once they are available. We anticipate it will include enhanced cleaning and disinfecting requirements, staff training in personal protective equipment, the signs and symptoms of Covid -19 in adults and children, indoor and outdoor physical distancing markers and programming requirements, as well as changes to the activities, materials and environment available to the children, and a revised sick children policy and procedure. A copy of this handbook will be sent to you prior to our reopening.

If you have any questions in the meantime please do not hesitate to contact me directly.

Stay well
Anna Gionet, RECE

Executive Director