Preventative lock down

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As a precaution to the events which occurred at UofT today, Orde satellite was placed in a lock down by a TDSB representative from 10:30-11:15am.

At the Orde site the children were brought in from the playground and remained in the classroom until an all clear was provided by the principal through the 52 police division today at 2:30 pm

Space in the Infant Room

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Happy-summer-clipartAre you looking for a summer daycare spot?  look no further.  We have a much coveted opening in our infant room program for the months of July and August .  Please contact Monica Yearwood for details

Monica Yearwood
Acting Site Supervisor

Orde Site – Update on Lunch program

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Dear Parents;
Please be advised that our cook, Vilma Requena has returned as of April 11, 2016. Our home cooked lunch program resumes today. I would like to thank all our families for their support of our catered lunch program during Vilma’s absence. Orde will be working off a temporary lunch menu this week, a copy is posted in the rooms. Spring menus will be out soon for both sites.

update on Orde Site – Lunch program

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Dear Families at Orde
Our cook Vilma continues to be on a leave on absence. Therefore, we will continue to use Boaden /Organic Kids for our lunch program.
Thank you for your continued understanding.